Redeemer Lutheran Middle School

The Redeemer Lutheran Middle School Program has been designed to prepare 7th & 8th graders for high school. Students work independently and in small groups to produce high quality work applying the skills and knowledge they have gained through study and research. Technology is used as a collaborative tool under the watchful eye of the classroom teacher. Each student is assigned a Chromebook at the beginning of the school year to use during school hours.

Academic Year Overview

Middle school students work on a trimester schedule, with 3 trimesters of 12 weeks each. The student day contains 8 periods including lunch. Three class periods are 45 minutes in length; three are one hour in length. Yearlong classes such as Spanish, Math, and Theology are 45 minutes. Classes such as Literature, Social Studies, and Science are 2 trimester courses and are 1 hour classes.

Sample 7th grade trimester schedule:

  Trimester I Trimester II Trimester III
8:20-9:05 Math Math Math
9:08-9:53 Science History Science
9:56-10:41 History Science Writing/Spanish Intro.
10:44-11:15 RAMS* RAMS* RAMS*
11:20-11:40 Lunch Lunch Lunch
11:45-12:45 Biblical Studies Biblical Studies Biblical Studies
12:48-1:48 Literature Literature Literature
1:51-2:51 Gym/Music Gym/Music Health/Gym/Music

*RAMS -- teachers available for consultation

Extracurricular Offerings

  • Athletics: Opportunities have included basketball and soccer in the WPIAL and GPCAL
  • Performing Arts: Band, Choir, Vocal and instrumental lessons, yearly musicals, Shakespeare plays
  • Competitions: Science Olympiad, Robotics, Shakespeare
  • Other opportunities: Class trips, Student Council, Snowball Dance, Family Dance-a-thon