RLS Ninth Grade

Freshman Arrow

Upon entering freshman year, students will have/have had:

  • An academic meeting with one of the high school teachers
  • Read the high school handbook

During freshman year, students will be able to:

  • Serve on Student Council
  • Take Literature Keystone Exam
  • Take Algebra 1 Keystone Exam
  • Achieve RAM status: meeting specific expectations which allow them such privileges as taking overnight trips, bringing their own devices to school, attending middle school trips as a high school chaperone
  • Use technology to enhance the educational process — each freshman receives a school-issued laptop for school and home use.
  • Attend the high school dinner dance
  • Participate in the annual Reformation Bowl—flag football game
  • Serve as a chapel buddy
  • Volunteer through various mission projects (Blessing Board, RLS Kindergarten, Concordia visits, summer camp counselor)

Upon exiting freshman year, students will:

  • Consider taking online college courses
  • Prepare to take/retake Keystone Exams
  • Have an opportunity to attend the summer mission trip
  • Have an academic meeting with one of the high school teachers

Brochure: Freshmen