RLS Eleventh Grade

Junior Arrow

Upon entering junior year, students will have:

  • had an opportunity to join National Honor Society
  • prepared to take the SAT exam in the fall/spring of Junior year
  • started researching colleges/universities
  • prepared to take/retake Keystone Exams junior year
  • considered taking online college courses and/or AP courses during junior year
  • started researching scholarship and grant opportunities
  • had the opportunity to participate in a summer mission trip

During junior year, students will be able to:

  • take the SAT and ACT exams
  • create a College Board account to keep track of test scores
  • attend college fairs
  • complete a career/interest inventory to use for college planning purposes
  • take Advanced Placement courses (AP)
  • take Dual-Enrollment courses for both high school and college credit
  • take Keystone Exams in Biology, Algebra, and Literature (if not passed in earlier years)
  • participate in Westinghouse Science Honors Institute
  • serve on Student Council
  • become a member of National Honor Society
  • achieve RAM status and earn certain privileges
  • use technology to enhance the educational process
  • attend the high school dinner dance
  • participate in the annual Reformation Bowl
  • serve as a chapel buddy
  • volunteer through various mission projects (Blessing Board, RLS Kindergarten, Concordia visits summer camp counselor)
  • participate in extracurricular activities including, but not limited to, musicals, plays, high school robotics, and athletics

Upon exiting junior year, students will:

  • possess a list of college scholarship opportunities and continue researching additional opportunities
  • prepare to take the SAT exam in the fall of senior year if needed/desired
  • continue researching colleges/universities
  • consider taking online dual-enrollment college courses and/or AP courses the following year

Brochure: Juniors