Our kindergarten program is second to none. We provide an outstanding Christian learning environment for our young students, using curricula based in research. Our kindergartners learn to read in a systematic, sequential, phonetically based program. We support our curriculum with Saxon Phonics, and MacMillan McGraw-Hill Treasures. These two series provide our students with the tools they need to learn how to read, write, and speak. Our math curriculum is ‘hands-on’ meaning that students are provided concrete materials to learn and practice math skills. Saxon math teaches children incrementally, building and reviewing skills for mastery. Science and social study skills are built into the reading program, but teachers also plan their own lessons and opportunities for students to learn about the world God has created for them to live in. Technology is integrated, and used to instruct, remediate, and enrich basic skills. Student progress is assessed often, allowing the teacher to match instruction to the needs of the student.


Every day begins in God’s Word. Students begin their day knowing that they are children of a loving Father, who sent His Son to take away their sins. They start every day new, living in grace. The Kindergarten Bible Time introduces children to both Old and New Testament Bible stories, characters, and truths. Children will understand that the Bible is true and is the Word of God. They will understand that God is the Creator of all things. Children will understand that Jesus loves them and willingly died on the cross to wash away the sins of all people. They will know Jesus as best friend, Savior, Lord, protector, and God’s Son. They will be introduced to prayer, praise, and worship. Daily devotions with the early childhood team are teacher-led. Students will memorize some Bible verses, prayers, and hymns. Weekly Chapel services, led by the Pastor, will also be attended.

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