Fourth graders begin each day in devotions led by their teacher. Students start their day reading from Scriptures, with time to pray and discuss God’s Word. Classroom devotions give students an opportunity to learn to put the love, mercy, and grace of Christ into action.

Fourth grade is a transitional grade. Instruction is less skill based, and becoming more content based. Students in fourth grade are learning to gather information to apply it, and compare, contrast, and discern facts. Assessments will include short essays, reports, and projects requiring students to produce the results of their learning.

The Third and Fourth Grades join together for instruction in Bible, focusing on Bible literacy and discipleship. Each unit is centered on a Bible story or stories, progressing in chronological order, which serves as a reference point for the theme of the unit. Beginning with creation, and ending with Jesus leaving His disciples to return to heaven, we will cover God’s promises and faithfulness to Israel in the Old Testament, and Jesus’ birth, ministry, death, and resurrection. Students will also gain a new familiarity with reading the Bible, as well as being witnesses for God in their lives.

Reading includes novel studies, as well as short reads from a textbook. Math, science and social studies lessons are more comprehensive and require independent study and homework.

All fourth grade students have both a vocal and instrumental class each week. Fourth graders continue to study the recorder in their instrumental class, and music theory in their vocal class.

Physical Education is an important part of the curriculum, as active healthy students are better learners. Students have Phys. Ed. classes every day.

To learn more about our fourth grade, please visit the curriculum overview page on our Fourth Grade Website.