Our first grade classroom is an active learning place. Students are engaged in active learning every day. The day begins with the kindergarten, second, third, and fourth grade classes with a devotion led by a teacher. Students are eager to start their day in God’s Word, as a reminder of how much they are loved and cared for.


Bible Curriculum: The first grade's One in Christ program, contains 72 Bible stories from the Old and New Testament. Each lesson is taught over the course of two days to help reinforce and expand concepts. Each lesson also contains "Words to Remember" from Scripture that help reinforce the lesson. Students will memorize Bible verses, and parts of Luther’s catechism.

Saxon phonics and MacMillan/McGraw Hill reading are used to develop all language arts skills, building on what our students have learned in kindergarten. They extend their knowledge and understanding of phonemes, begin to develop fluency in reading, and use Accelerated Readers to reinforce comprehension skills. Students create stories and class books to share with their preschool buddies at our other campus. Their math studies continue in Saxon Math, with an emphasis on learning basic math facts and procedures. Science and social studies units are thematic, and team taught with the kindergarten teacher, using both large and small group instruction. Projects and activities are designed to reinforce learning and allow students an opportunity to share.

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