Fifth graders begin each day in devotions led by their teachers. Students start their day reading from Scriptures, with time to pray and discuss God’s Word. Classroom devotions give students an opportunity to learn to put the love, mercy, and grace of Christ into action.

The fifth grade Bible curriculum used at Redeemer Lutheran School is One in Christ, published by Concordia Publishing House. Fifth-grade studies emphasize Biblical themes that explore elements of the six chief parts of Christian doctrine. These consist of the Ten Commandments, Apostles’ Creed, Confession, Lords’ Prayer, Holy Baptism, and Holy Communion. Each lesson is centered on Jesus; our Savior and His free gift of salvation to us. We learn that nothing we do can earn us a place in Heaven, it is by grace through faith that we inherit life eternal.

Reading includes novel studies, as well as short reads from a textbook from MacMillan/McGraw Hill. Fifth graders are in the final year of using Saxon Math before moving to Pearson. They continue to build on basic skills and practice. Science and social studies lessons are more comprehensive and require independent study and homework.

All fifth graders have both a vocal and instrumental class each week. Fifth graders learn the basics of the guitar in their instrumental class, and music theory in their vocal class.

Physical Education is an important part of the curriculum, as active healthy students are better learners. Students have Phys. Ed. classes every day.

To learn more about our Fifth Grade Program, visit the curriculum overview page on our Fifth Grade Website.