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Back to School Night and Orientation (Monday, August 13 at 6PM): Please go to the RSVP link here.

Back to School Night (at the Penn Hills Campus) is an annual event. Parents come to help prepare the building for the school year (cleaning, moving, painting, light mechanical work, etc.), and the teachers take their children and play with them! The evening starts with dinner at 6:00PM. Work begins at 6:45 and finishes at 8:30PM. Oakmont Preschool families will be sent to work at the Oakmont campus after dinner, where the preschool staff will supervise the children.

Parent Volunteer Link: Please click here

We ask that each family volunteer for at least one position and consider volunteering for more than one. Our volunteers are very important to our school, and we value and appreciate your support and help. Families will be given a summary of their volunteer choices with dates once the information is compiled. Volunteers who work during the school day while the children are here are required to have clearances, which can be performed through the school office. Work on evenings, weekends, and work from home can be done without clearances.

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