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Family Worship

Posted on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 3:50 pm by Superuser

FAMILY MINISTRY MOMENT - Parents are the primary shapers of faith and life in the family. Modeling the importance of worshipping the one, true Living God each week is such an important part of a parent’s role in the faith development of a child.

The following are some practical ways that parents can help children and youth to become active participants in worship:

• Make worship and Bible study (Sunday School) a priority.

• Begin preparing for worship the night before – set out clothes, go to bed early, talk about the plan for worship, avoid the last minute rush that can lead to stress, fighting etc. on the way to church.

• Arrive in time to sit together as a family. Sit where young children can see.

• Make sure each family member receives a worship bulletin (or children’s bulletin). Explain parts of worship rituals before the service begins.

• Adults can be a great role model by entering worship with an attitude of reverence and joy.

• Expect the children and youth to participate in worship. Sing, pray, stand, recite, etc.

• Help children find hymns and other songs.

• Teach children the liturgy, order of worship at home, including the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed, Doxology, etc and what they mean to you personally.

• Quietly talk the children through what is going on throughout the worship service.

• After worship, talk about the service, debrief, talk about one word that they remember from the sermon and/or the main point. What other parts of the worship experience did they experience God touching their hearts?

• Encourage children to give an offering and pass the plate to them.

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