Annual Fund Drive


  • Bathrooms: $7,500
  • Cafegymatorium: $5,000
  • Outdoor Storage Building: $12,000 (Help us move things out of our classrooms!)
  • PreK Technology: $2500
  • Total: $27,000

Please follow this link to make your donation. Thank you!


Elementary schools built in the 1960s had little need for large storage spaces. Most everything teachers and students needed was stored in the classroom. In a 21st century PreK—12 school, more educational opportunities like robotics, music, science and foreign language are offered and require classroom space. We have been using several classrooms for storage, but need them to be returned to the students for learning. Using volunteers, we will build a large storage shed to house riding mowers and maintenance equipment, classroom and office furniture for future use, and props for our musicals.

Project #2 Renovate the bathrooms in the upper hallway

If you ask any student in grades 5—12 what changes need to be made in our school, they would all say the bathrooms need attention. Last year the sinks were replaced, and now the 2nd phase must be done. The students need to have restroom facilities that work properly, and meet the needs of an ever growing student population. This project would include replacing commodes, soap and towel dispensers, and general maintenance.

Project #3 Renovate the cafeteria, gym, and auditorium (cafegymatorium)

Some of you know that our gym doubles as an auditorium, and our cafeteria as a stage. When we renovated the school building 6 years ago, we did not have time or funding to work on the cafeteria, gym, or auditorium. It’s time to update those areas with paint, wall repairs, a process to rejuvenate the floor, new cafeteria tables, storage cabinets, and our RAM logo painted on the gym wall.

Project #4 Technology enhancements for the Oakmont preschool classroom

The last room to add an interactive whiteboard and projector is the preschool classroom at the Oakmont campus. Interactive boards enhance the learning experiences of our students in reading and math, and allow for virtual field trips all over the world.